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Best SONALIS Imaging System

The Best SONALIS Ultrasound Imaging System provides superior visualization of HDR, LDR, RF and Cryosurgical procedures.  Our patented SimulView Technology provides simultaneous "live" views of the prostate in both planes, thereby increasing treatment accuracy and precision.


  • Totally sealed, self-healing antibacterial keyboard with SensoFoil technology
  • Patented probe design with simultaneous imaging of sagittal and transverse planes
  • Longitudinal array provides for 140 mm length of view, encompassing the bladder, prostate and perineum
  • Superior HD Image resolution for improved implant accuracy, speed and physician confidence level
  • New system software re-designed with clinical need specifications in mind
  • Advanced drawing and editing tools which include user-defined line widths and colors for fiducial and anatomical markers
  • Advanced modular software design provides for future upgrade path via in-house and independently developed technologies
  • User-friendly patient and image database uses familiar MS Windows folder and file workflow
  • Multiple brachytherapy grids with user-definable grid symbols and colors
  • Independent focal zones for sagittal and transverse images
  • Independent frequency selection for sagittal and transverse Images
  • On screen grid calibration

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