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CORVUS® is an inverse treatment planning system that optimizes a delivery plan of thousands of pencil beams of radiation to meet your prescription dose goals and constraints.  The only treatment plan with Active Rx, CORVUS® provides the ability to manipulate isodose lines after plan calculation to improve the plan with immediate, graphical feedback.  It also enhances productivity by eliminating the iterative trial and error process of generating the perfect treatment plan.  Increase accuracy and save time with CORVUS®.


ActiveRx lets you "draw" isodose lines directly on CT scans, interactively "push" dose out of sensitive structures, and "click and drag" to adjust dose planning volumes.  Even for complex IMRT treatments, where thousands of beams are used, ActiveRx produces results in seconds.  This allows clinicians to quickly understand the subtle interplays of competing goals and move directly to the point of best balance for their patients.

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